The "ART-Tér" Art School and Community Space offers a complex range of services covering a wide variety of artistic disciplines wrapped in a non-formal teacher-student agreement based on individually tailored educational needs. Our main services are music (pop, folk, classical, studio, sound and stage-light engineering), arts, including: visual arts (graphics, painting, sculpture), dance (modern, ballet, folk, other), applied arts (furniture, set design, costume design) and filmography (photography, filmmaking, animation). We offer individual and group sessions to educate, especially young audiences, and provide informational forums and other training courses.

ART-Tér látványterv

Since the formation of the „Komáromi Élettér Egyesület” we as a civilian society have been aiming to address current social problems in order to elevate our local community and negate aformentioned problems. A few years ago we have started to proceed to walk a charitable path to enable the less fortunate in our community to gain access to skills, knowledge, while also providing a stable livelihood to those working amongst our ranks. Thanks to our recetnly established headquarters, the past 3 years we were able to organize activities that are soley dependent on our own resources.

It is quite a simple recipe. Small workshops specialising in certain facets of artistic expressions, in which a made-to-order system is used are established. The work is done by the ’less fortunate’ living in our community, while also allowing our community members to join in the works, to help or just to observe.

Our current service offer:

    • Custom furniture making,
    • carpentry work,
    • woodworking,
    • furniture restoration - refinishing.

Music education:

    • Drumming lessons, both offline and online.

We hold open workshops where you can get an insight into our activities.

Our original concept is adapting well to the current pandemic, as our long-term goal is to create and run the 'ART-Tér platform', with a physical community space as an integral part of it.


  • A civil society is a business that focuses on societal issues, has a mission statment and a is actively pursuing solutions to address social needs in a new and effective way.
  • It works to reduce inequality and help those in need, the less fortunate.
  • Our society is focused on aiding healthy way of living.
  • A significant part of the profit generated from our products and services are reinvested back into the community! So by making a conscious decision to buy our products or use our services, you are making a huge difference!

Be our partner! Be our partner!"